Hemel Hempstead MP launches campaign for 20mph speed limits outside schools

Calls to cut speeds outside schools

Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 12:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th October 2021, 12:32 pm

A campaign to cut speeds outside primary schools has been launched by the MP for Hemel Hempstead.

Sir Mike Penning MP, who is a former Road Safety Minister and firefighter, has launched a campaign for 20mph speed limits outside all schools in the county.

He said: “I believe it is time to use technology to save children’s lives and enforce a 20mph speed limit outside all primary schools in Hertfordshire.

Sir Mike Penning MP and Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd. (C) Gene Weatherley

“We all know that school drop-off times can be busy and chaotic and young children can easily run into the road.

“Also, drivers can often be tempted to make dangerous manoeuvres to pass parked cars.

“I am calling on Hertfordshire County Council to introduce 20mph speed limits outside all the county’s primary schools.

“These limits can be enforced with average speed camera technology which will be self-funding from those who break the law and risk the lives of those we need to protect.

“I have spoken to the Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd, and he is supportive.”

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New road safety camera vans operating in Hemel Hempstead

It also shows that most accidents resulting in pedestrian injuries or death occur in built-up areas.

A recent study of pedestrian injury and car impact speed shows that at 20mph there is a 1.5 per cent chance of being fatally injured, yet at 30mph that increases to 8%.

There are already 20mph speed limits in force in many areas, and Sir Mike Penning says average speed cameras can be installed with minimal disruption as no major road works for road or chicanes are required.

What do you think about the call for 20mph speed limits outside schools? Would it make a difference?

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