Start the new year talking money

Debt can ruin relationshipsDebt can ruin relationships
Debt can ruin relationships
A debt counselling agency is urging couples to start the new year talking money.

Money and relationships are famed for starting rows but Christians Against Poverty (CA)P) is recommending people to get talking about finances early in 2016.

The charity says having ‘the money conversation’with a partner can be one of the hardest things to do but can really change your year ahead.

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Centre manager of the Hemel Hempstead branch, Owen Cooper, said: “I see people who have fallen into crisis debt every week and I can tell you it is crucial for your health and happiness in 2016 that you have a reality check of your finances as soon as you can in this New Year.

“It might be nerve racking to bring those bank statements out into the open but until you both know what’s happening, you can’t start to tackle it.

“Working at your finances together, setting goals together and resolving to sort things can be an amazing step forward for the whole family.”

The stakes are high – CAP’s latest research shows that three in four debt clients said their situation had caused arguments and nearly a quarter said debt directly led to their relationship breaking down.

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CAP’s top tips for having ‘the money conversation’ include picking a time when things are quiet at home, the childrenand in-laws are not around and no-one is dealing with any immediate stresses, such as a big bill landing.

Agree that you want to make it a year when you get on top of finances together and that ‘the money conversation’ isn’t about blaming anyone.

Find out more at or call 0800 328 000.