Rudolf Steiner School Kings langley teacher banned: Details of the allegations

During a three-week hearing a range of allegations were made against Denis McCarthy, relating to six different students.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 3:52 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 4:55 pm
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It was also said that he acted as he did despite “advice given to him in respect of maintaining professional boundaries with pupils”.

And the Teaching Regulation Agency said his actions were “inappropriate and/or sexually motivated,” although this was not found proven by the panel.

Mr McCarthy admitted some of the allegations, while denying others. He denied that his conduct was inappropriate or sexually motivated.

Allegations which were found proved by the panel included that Mr McCarthy allowed or encouraged various students to sit on his lap, that he approached one student from behind and touched her around the waist, that he “engulfed” a student in a hug, and an allegation that he allowed a student to massage his head.

Allegations which were not proved include him pushing a student up against a wall when they were alone in the classroom, pulling her leggings and underwear down, and then telling her not to tell anyone.

It was also not proved that Mr McCarthy kissed a student on the cheek, although he said that one “two or three occasions” he may have kissed the top of pupils’ heads but never on the cheek.

Finally, the panel said there was not sufficient evidence that he had sat in the entrance of a student’s tent during a school camping trip.

The report said: “Mr McCarthy’s conduct was inherently serious but towards the lower end of the spectrum. It was, however, conduct capable of being remedied.

“Whilst Mr McCarthy had demonstrated the beginnings of some insight, further work was necessary for him to demonstrate he fully understood why his conduct was inappropriate and why it would not recur.”