Plans for blocks of 12-storey flats in Hemel Hempstead branded “out of keeping” by nearby residents

12-396 HSBC  building, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead. ENGPNL0012012010517391812-396 HSBC  building, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead. ENGPNL00120120105173918
12-396 HSBC building, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead. ENGPNL00120120105173918
Plans to build a 12-storey development of 268 flats close to Maylands Avenue have been branded “out of keeping” by nearby residents.

Under the proposals, the flats at Kier Park, off Maylands Avenue, would be split into six blocks – ranging between six and 12 storeys high – and there would be 1,404 sq metres of office space too.

Around 35 per cent of the flats would be ‘affordable’ – with 75 per cent of that ‘affordable’ housing being rented and 25 per cent shared ownership.

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Planners say the proposed development would make a significant contribution to the borough’s housing target – without encroaching on the Green Belt.
And, in their report, they point to falling demand in the area for the office and employment space, for which the land is currently allocated.

But dozens of neighbours – from Leverstock Green Road, The Flaggs, and 
New Park Drive – have formally objected to the plans, claiming the blocks are too high, that the development is 
“out of keeping” and that the 334 planned parking spaces won’t be enough. They 
say the roads are already too busy, public transport is limited and they fear the current provision of schools and doctors’ surgeries won’t be enough for the additional residents.

They also question whether there is a need for anymore of the office space proposed in the development at all.

The scheme will be 
considered by councillors tomorrow (Thursday, June 13), with planning officers set to recommend the decision is delegated to them, with a view to approval.

But they will also suggest negotiations continue to increase the amount of office space within the development –reflecting an expected increase in demand in the future.