Police warn Hemel residents not to be alarmed if they hear public warning siren today

The public warning siren at the Buncefield oil depot will be sounded today – but don’t worry, it’s just a drill

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 9:24 am

Police are warning residents in Hemel Hempstead to not be alarmed if they hear a public warning siren this afternoon (Wednesday).

A siren will be tested at the Buncefield site, off Buncefield Lane in Hemel Hempstead, at 2.30pm today (March 3).

The siren is operated by BP Oil and is tested every six months, on the first Wednesday of March at 2.30pm, and the first Wednesday of September at 7pm.


The alarm will sound for two minutes, firstly with a two-tone alarm and then a single tone.

If you hear the siren, there is no cause for concern and no need to call 101 or 999 to report it to Hertfordshire Police.