Petition calls for pelican crossing on busy Hemel road after two children were involved in collisions

The petition is calling for a pelican crossingThe petition is calling for a pelican crossing
The petition is calling for a pelican crossing
The two incidents happened just one day apart

A petition has been launched calling for a pelican crossing on Bennetts End Road after two children were involved in collisions with cars – just one day apart.

Sir Mike Penning MP has called for the county council to take action by instating 20mph speed limits outside all primary schools.

But residents want more to be done.

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The petition, started by Suliman Rafiq, has already attracted almost 700 signatures since being launched on Thursday.

It states: “Bennetts End Road is a very busy and long road.

“Over the last few years there have been numerous incidents on the road as a result of local residents crossing the road for various reasons.

“We are aware it is especially dangerous for local children accessing the various schools in the area.

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“There is an urgent need for a permanent solution to this problem in the form of a pelican crossing that needs to be installed as soon as possible to avoid further incidents on the road and provide all residents a safe way of crossing the road,”

One supporter commented: “The safety of children on Bennett’s end road and the children of reddings school it is a busy main road with many parked cars causing lots of hazards for pedestrians.

“I live close to Bennett’s end road and use it almost every day and it can even be dangerous pulling out of

adjoined roads due to the speed at which some people travel.”

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Another said: “There needs to be a permanent crossing for pedestrians especially near the school.

“A solitary lollypop lady is fine for start/end of school but what about outside those times?

“It is a long road and the only permanent crossings are at either end and nothing in between.”

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: “We’re happy to hear the views of Hertfordshire residents, and petitions are one way that people can get in touch.

“If the petition gets enough signatures, it will be considered by the appropriate council panel.”