Mysterious blue light spotted over Hemel Hempstead

It was probably a Network Rail test train - and not a UFO

By Reporter
Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 4:16 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd December 2021, 10:50 am

A reader contacted Hemel Today after she saw a blue light in the sky last night (Tuesday, November 30).

Emma Kortas wants to know if anyone else saw the light at around 5.45pm yesterday (Tuesday).

Emma and her niece spotted the light from Jennings Way and captured it on video.

Emma and her niece spotted the light from Jennings Way

She said: "Last night I witnessed a strange blue light in the sky moving, with the lights pulsing irregular.

"Blue light was visible for roughly 10 minutes till it was out of sight by me and my niece.

"We then got in my car to get food and tried to see if we could see it again, but there was no sight.

"My next door neighbour said her little boy said the sky was blue but was told to go back to bed.

Emma took a picture of the blue light in the sky

"There was no lasers, no aeroplanes, no helicopters. I have no idea what it is!

"Just wondering if there’s others that witnessed it except me and my niece?"

The most likely explanation for the mysterious light is that it's a special test train used to identify faults on railway lines with lasers beams.

In a number of other places, strikingly similar blue lights had been seen in the sky - with Network Rail saying the test train was behind them.

The Hemel Gazette has contacted Network Rail for further comment.