'Sid the Snake' will have a permanent home in Hemel Hempstead

Hundreds of decorated stones create 'Sid the Snake' - who will have a permanent home in Hemel

Have you seen 'Sid the Snake'?

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 1:06 pm

A community project in Hemel Hempstead is to be permanently embedded into the park behind Leverstock Greens shops.

Dacorum residents and families have been getting creative by painting pebbles and stones to create a long snake that they have named ‘Sid’ in Leverstock Green.

The snake currently has over 350 stones and is snaking along the walkway between Grasmere Close and Crossfell Road.

Dacorum Borough Council is supporting the project by providing a permanent home and will eventually embed Sid in the park behind Leverstock Green shops as a permanent fixture for people to continue to enjoy.

It is not known yet when 'Sid the Snake' will be moved to his permanent spot in the park, as before this can happen he needs to get even bigger and more decorated stones are needed.

Karen Gates, from Leverstock Green, and her children nine-year-old Lily, and four-year-old Harry started the project by putting the snake's head down with a message 'let’s have some fun and lets see how long we can make him’.

Karen said: “We started this project with the idea to make people smile and help with giving the local children something creative to enjoy plus encourage walks outside for fresh air, we are so amazed with how much people have taken to it and so pleased to be part of such a lovely community.

"We go every day to see Sid and see him grow, the children love looking at all the decorated stones and are also adding more stones themselves each week.

"It gives us all something to smile about and that’s very much needed right now”.

Local Councillor Margaret Griffiths said: “Sid the Snake is amazing and Mum Karen, Lily and Harry have started a fantastic community project which lightens everyone’s day, who comes across it.

"I am delighted to be able support and enable the move of Sid to Westwick Field in the near future as a permanent home, for the wider community of Leverstock Green and anyone else who may visit, to enjoy.”

The local community has really got behind the project and it has become a part of peoples daily walks to watch him grow.

Local parents and children of all ages currently being home schooled are finding this a welcome distraction and have been busy decorating their stones to place in the line to grow 'Sid the

Snake', but not only children, locals of all ages are enjoying it and look forward to seeing him on their daily walks.

Terry Panos also sent in photos of Sid the Snake, he said: "It was started in lockdown for children to go and find on their daily exercise for something to do to keep them amused."

Christine Allsopp, of Hemel Rocks, said: "Sid The Snake was started by a lady called Karen and her children. It's a great idea and lots of people have joined in and got creative.

"We are supporting the project and have been raising awareness through our Facebook Page, some of our members have been creating rocks to add to the snake.

"She has spoken to the council and I believe there are plans to cement it in the park. It's a fantastic idea, and it looks great!"

To get involved and be part of this creative community project, you can join the Sid the Snake Facebook group or just add your painted stones to the snake in Leverstock Green.

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