Hop-scented candle by Tring Brewery to raise money for Berkhamsted-based men's mental health charity Herts4Men

The scent has been inspired by the brewery's flagship IPA Raven King

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 6:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 6:14 pm

A hop-scented candle has been launched by Tring Brewery today (June 3) - with all proceeds going to men’s mental health charity Herts4Men

The brewery has teamed up with Leighton Buzzard candlemakers Everything's Rosie and Berkhamsted-based Herts4Men to create the brand new KING candle - which it says replicates the scent of the brewery's flagship IPA, Raven King.

Tring Brewery describes the scene as "waves of tropical fruits complimented by the scent of grapefruit and forest pine".

Proceeds from the candle sales will go to men's mental health charity Herts4Men

A spokesman for the brewery explained: "We had seen Everything’s Rosie launch over lockdown and found the sentiment to be amazing, the products looked spectacular too.

"To be able to work to make a beer inspired candle has been so much fun!

"We chose this beer as we felt it could reinforce our collaborative statement; even warrior kings should talk about their struggles. We all have personal battles and thought this a fitting theme, that and with the lush aromas of citrus and pine that Raven King can bring to a candle!

"A massive portion of our audience are males under 50, the bracket of which suicide is the biggest killer, we want to destigmatise mental health issues in order to get everyone the

support they need.

"We couldn’t meet any of these aims without Herts4Men, and adore their dedication to the cause and hope that together we can get men talking!"

Herts4Men was founded by Tom Stacey, following his own mental health battle that led to an attempt to take his own life.

Instead of reaching out to friends and family, Tom turned to a destructive lifestyle to numb his troubles.

Tom began talking openly about his mental health issues, and built up a support network around him that encouraged him to set up Herts4Men, to help other local men.

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under fifty, three times that of women, yet less than half of all referrals to phycological therapies are male. Herts4Men joins charities such as MIND, CALM and 12th Man in a campaign to get men talking.

Aiming to provide free round-the-clock support, workshops and exercise classes for men in Hertfordshire, Herts4Men will use the profits from KING to design and print resource journals,

available for anyone who needs them.