Hertfordshire Police celebrates International Control Room Week

International Control Room Week recognises and celebrates control room employees around the globe

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 10:46 am
Updated Friday, 22nd October 2021, 10:48 am

Hertfordshire Police is celebrating its #ControlRoomHeroes this week as part of International Control Room Week 2021.

The Force Communications Room (FCR), at headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, is a vital cog in the constabulary wheel which deals with initial public contact.

It has responsibility for answering emergency (999) and non-emergency (101) calls as well as contact made via the web chat service.

Hertfordshire Police celebrates International Control Room Week

The staff within the FCR manage the initial operational response, deployment and attendance of officers to incidents as well as the recording of crime in accordance with the National Crime Recording Standards.

Specially trained call handlers and dispatchers currently deal with around 10,000 calls and 5,500 incidents each week.

Superintendent Ken Townsend, who oversees public contact, said: “The FCR is an absolutely crucial part of the constabulary and I’m delighted our dedicated colleagues are rightly recognised as part of International Control Room Week.

“Working 24/7, the FCR receives phones calls from members of the public who require our assistance in emergency and non-emergency situations, they also contact us through our web chat service and supply reports of crime through our website.

“We are here to help people when they are at their most vulnerable, often when they are at their lowest, in distressing situations and in need of a calming influence.

“Our team is currently recruiting so if you are interested in a Communications Operator role, which is both rewarding and essential to the community, then please see our website for details."

For those who dial 999 or 101, FCR personnel are often the very first point of contact they have with the police service when they are experiencing a distressing situation.

The impact of recording and listening to details of often multiple harrowing events on one’s mental health, and wellbeing remains a key topic this week and beyond.

The constabulary’s wellbeing team have coordinated a range of support materials for their colleagues as well as visits from the force chaplains and RAPPAW volunteers (with support

dogs) throughout the week.

For every mention of #ControlRoomHeroes across social media during International Control Room Week, NEC Software Solutions will donate £1 to the End Youth Homeless Charity and Marie Curie, cancer research.