Hemel Hempstead woman celebrates her 100th birthday

Eileen received a card from Her Majesty The Queen

Thursday, 21st October 2021, 4:16 pm

A woman from Hemel Hempstead celebrated her 100th birthday at the weekend.

Eileen Margeret Kohlbeck, who lives at William Crook House, in Warners End, celebrated the special day on Saturday, October 16, and has received a special card from Her Majesty The Queen.

Her daughter Kay Porter and and son David Kohlbeck, organised a party for her at Warners End Community Centre.

Eileen on Sunday, 100 plus 1 day

David said: "We moved as a family to a Hemel in 1953 Mum has stayed here since working in Barkers Newsagents, Sainsbury, Tudor Rose Pub and is known by many people."

When Eileen was asked how she managed to get to 100, 'laughing and giggling' was her reply.

She said: “Keep your mind active, I do crossword puzzles with carers and friends, even though I cannot see very well, I imagine the letters when they read the clues.”

David sent in a picture of his mum as a baby, and in the same photo is his dad as a baby.

Eileen (left), when she was a baby, and her future husband Jack on the far right

He said: "This is a very unique picture, it was taken in 1922.

"The baby on the left sitting on the lady’s knee is my mother Eileen born in 1921 and her mother. On the right is another baby born in 1922, that is my father Jack Leslie Kohlbeck. Remarkably they met years later and married.

"My three cousins came to the birthday party this week they are the daughters of the young man on the left of my mother, Josie and Doreen and my cousin Brian son of the young lady on the right of my mother.

"This picture lay in an envelope on top of a cupboard when my mother was helping to clear my aunts flat. Just as they were leaving they glimpsed a corner of the envelope poking up.

Eileen on a coach trip to the seaside in late 1940s

"They managed to get it down and were amazed and delighted to recognize their mothers, fathers and relatives looking back at them.

"There were two pictures the other showing a coach trip to the seaside in late 1940’s with all of the wedding guests from the first picture together again.

"They are married and moving back to normality after the Second World War enjoying a day out in the picture standing in front of the bus driver top right is Eileen Kohlbeck 100 years old."