Hemel Hempstead couple welcome council's decision to reject 5G installation plans

The couple raised concerns about the noise and visual impact

Friday, 26th March 2021, 9:18 am

A couple in Hemel Hempstead has welcomed the decision to reject plans for a 5G mast to be installed near their home.

Mike and Tina Moore, of Woodhall Farm, raised concerns over the planned installation on the corner of Elstree Road and Shenley Road, and said it would be just five metres from their home.

They raised a number of concerns about the installation including noise and visual impact.

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The planning application for a proposed 20m mast and associated cabinets at the corner of Shenley Road and Elstree Road to replace existing 14.70m mast and cabinets on Shenley Road was refused on February 17, by the council's planning department.

The decision was posted on Dacorum Borough Council's planning portal, it says: "Reason(s) for Refusal:

"1. Insufficient information has been provided to determine whether the proposed development would have a detrimental noise impact on the residential amenity of no. 1 Elstree Road, contrary to Policy CS12 of the Dacorum Core Strategy.

"2. Without a further acoustic assessment, it is not possible to form a view as to whether the scheme of noise mitigation may result in the need for the creation of more development (i.e. a larger cabinet) that may itself require planning permission and may have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the area, contrary to Policies CS11 and CS12 of the Dacorum Core Strategy and saved Policy 126 of the Dacorum Local Plan."

Tina said: "As far as we are aware this would have been the closest mast to any residential property anywhere.

"We presented our opposition at the virtual Development Committee Meeting in June last year, and although the proposals were rejected at the time, it was not concluded as it was decided that more questions needed to be answered regarding noise review of other sites.

"Eventually this led to the refusal of the planning submission on February, 17, 2021.

"The mast would have had a severe visual impact and an significant noise impact too.

"We are greatly relieved that after a year of constant worry that we finally got the decision that we had been fighting for.

"There are many masts appearing all over Dacorum. Any concerns that the mast radiation can cause harmful effects to people is disregarded albeit the installation of a mast anywhere near a school is currently avoided.

"Each mobile provider could have their own mast so it is feasible to have several close to each other.

"The height of the new 5G masts are generally 6m higher than the current 4G masts.

"Who knows how high and powerful future masts will become for 6G etc?

"The provider usually insists that new masts are located within 100m circle of the previous mast so it is very important where the first mast is given permission to be installed."