Hemel Hempstead couple living in 'cramped' conditions appeal for council's help

Dacorum Borough Council has asked the residents to contact their Housing Needs Team who can discuss their application further

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 11:18 am

A Hemel Hempstead couple are appealing for the council to do more to help them move out of a cramped flat.

Chris Casada and his pregnant fiancé, live in a two-bedroom flat on the third floor with their three children, they are asking for more support from the council to help them with their living situation.

They are living in Jasmine Place and have are trying to move but are having no luck on the bidding system with Dacorum Borough Council

Jasmine Place

Chris said: "My fiancé is pregnant with her fourth child, and we're expected to live in a two-bedroom flat, on the third floor, it is very cramped here. My fiancé has been diagnosed with hyper mobility and is now being accessed for rheumatoid arthritis, and she has also been diagnosed with PTSD.

"She struggles daily getting up the stairs, she's pregnant and has to take our toddler up aswell.

"Living here witnessing cars crashing outside our window, and police outside every other day is really straining on the children and my fiance, to say the least.

"We have been trying to get a house with the council, this flat is not big enough for us, but it seems we are not important enough to be housed, which is why I feel like we have been victimised by the system.

"They have said she hasn't provided all the correct paperwork, but she has. They have said that we don't have enough points to move up the bidding ladder.

"The points system doesn't seem to work for us. We just want the council to step up and help us."

A spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council said: "The council is unable to comment on individual cases, but would encourage the residents to contact our Housing Needs Team who can discuss their application further.

"The council has over 6,000 applicants on the Housing Register, each application for housing is assessed in accordance with the Allocations Policy and any supporting information provided by the applicant.

"Each year there are approximately 700 properties available for letting across the council’s and other housing association stock, of all property types and sizes (general needs and sheltered housing), properties are allocated to those bidding households in the greatest housing need.

"Unfortunately due to high demand on the housing register and the need to also assist increasing numbers of homeless households, the length of time before an applicant is successful in securing social housing may be lengthy.

"We strongly encourage the consideration of other housing options such as mutual exchange, this can often be a quicker way of facilitating a move to alternative housing."