Opticians fundraise for blind veterans

Store directors Daniel Harris and Shane Abbas BhimaniStore directors Daniel Harris and Shane Abbas Bhimani
Store directors Daniel Harris and Shane Abbas Bhimani
Blind and visually impaired veterans will benefit thanks to a team of local eyecare experts who took part in a fundraising event to support Armed Forces Week.

Staff from Specsavers in Hemel raised more than £330 for the charity Blind Veterans UK by donating £1 for every sight test conducted over the course of the week and hosting a fancy dress day in store.

Store director Shane Abbas Bhimani said: “Blind Veterans UK provides vital support to those who have either lost or had their sight damaged while representing our country in the armed forces.

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Armed Forces Week was a brilliant chance to dig deep for this fantastic organisation and support them in their efforts to help their members discover a life beyond sight loss.

“With the help of our community, we’re delighted to be able to provide them with this small token of our gratitude.”

The fundraising drive follows Specsavers’ involvement in last year’s Make a Spectacle of Yourself campaign, where more than £20,000 was raised for ex-servicemen and women who have been blinded in action or lost their sight through accident, illness or old age.

Blind Veterans UK was established in 1915 by founder of the Daily Express and former Evening Standard owner Sir Arthur Pearson, after he lost his own sight to glaucoma.

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The charity provides lifelong practical and emotional support to Armed Forces and National Service veterans regardless of when they served or how they lost their sight.

Its work ranges from helping them relearn vital life skills enabling them to be independent in their own homes, to offering new learning, training and recreation opportunities and providing long-term nursing, residential and respite care.