What bright spark decided to turn the electricity off in winter?

I HAD the usual rubbish mail through the post this week but I did happen to notice something in between the mountain of garbage suggesting that I should try various frightening ready made meals – and I am glad that I did.

I was informed that a company I have never heard of planned to shut down my electricity supply for at least eight hours in the very near future.

I made a call to the company to find out whether or not they had notified the local authority or the town council and was informed that they hadn’t and didn’t plan to because they were under no obligation to do so.

When I asked what they expected elderly, disabled or vulnerable people to do in the event they needed a hot meal or a drink or to simply keep warm during that time they said they didn’t know.

The conversation was brought to an end with the lady telling me that it was a good idea to approach certain services when they intend to shut down vital services and that, although it was too late for me and my neighbours, the company may well adopt the suggestion in the future.

Just how thick can you get? Surely these people watch or listen to the news, don’t they know that snow and cold weather often occurs at this time of year?

Might I dare suggest that a local councillor or even a county councillor has received one of these notices through their door?

Perhaps they could have thought about how other people such as those who are expected to vote for them from time to time might get on under these circumstances and do something about it?

There again maybe it’s best to forget it because someone will only claim a bonus for thinking that way!

It might be that someone who works at the BBC will be claiming a bonus soon for the suggestion that the Beeb should get their radio announcers to tell us where the programmes come from these days. On a regular basis they seem to think that it is important that we know where the programme is being broadcast from such as Salford.

This is probably done to in some way make us feel better about the massive of amount of money it has cost us to move a lot of shows and staff up north. Not to mention the expenses others will be receiving for regular trips to Manchester on a regular basis.

I’m off now to ask the editor for a bonus for turning up this week!

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