Vox Pop: What do you make of proposals to extend Crossrail services into Dacorum?

You’ve been sending us your views over social media on the borough’s potential new routes into London.

Ben Dunne, Adeyfield:

‘It can only be a good thing and bring more people into Dacorum to spend money, and also help people cut travel times.’

Jill Foster, Highfield:

‘Although I can see the benefits for people who work in London, my biggest concern is what this will do to house prices. Whilst home owners will be very happy, young professionals like me (I work as an occupational therapist in the NHS) who are desperate to get on the property ladder will find it impossible to buy in this area. Currently my husband and I, who are both in our early 30s, cannot afford to have a family as we can only afford to rent a one-bed flat in Hemel Hempstead. Therefore if house prices increase further – which I’m sure they will if Crossrail brings such a service to the area – we will have no option but to move away.’

Kevin Doona, Corner Hall:

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‘I think it will help with connections cross-country. My only concern is that it will impact on an already busy line. What would be lost to fit this in? I also don’t see how this helps HS2 as I am unconvinced about the benefit of that. As a regular commuter I can be in Manchester from Hemel in not much over two hours.’

Tom Lainton, Old Town:

‘I think any new development for the town is positive. I think it would improve the area and possibly help lift house prices. The only downside may be any engineering works to get it going. But I am happy to put up with that.’

Jo Dolling, Old Town:

‘I’m not sure it is a good thing, I don’t oppose it but I’m unsure why anyone would want to come to spend money here, the shops we have (mainly pound shops, bookies and bars) every town has. Although I’m excited about the developments the town proposes to make, I’m aware they are mainly ‘new homes’ and while our town is still expanding it still does not have facilities like a hospital with A and E, police station etc. I think more people could be a recipe for disaster. I am happy that I may be able to get out of Hemel easier though for some fun days out.’

Kelly ‘Shadylady’, Hemel Hempstead:

‘I’m not a frequent train user, but I am a frequent countryside walker. What impact will this have exactly? What will be spoilt to make way for all this?’

Sharon Lewis, Hemel Hempstead:

‘It will cut my husband’s journey time to work in Canary Wharf – it is currently 1 and a half hours – so we’ll be very happy to see it arrive at Hemel.’