John Pilgrim: Some rather good political moments have spiced things up a bit

THERE have been some rather good political moments recently, I am pleased to say, because things were getting a bit boring.

Saturday, 12th May 2012, 5:16 am

A couple of weeks after calling Ken Livingstone a something or other liar, our Boris turned on a BBC TV reporter to tell him he was talking something or other ‘B*llocks’. Full marks to Boris for recognising when another politician is telling porkies but nil points for failing to recognise when he himself is guilty of bending the truth and talking you know what.

It seems that the Prime Minister approves of the way the Mayor of London talks because he is quoted as saying that he would like to see a Boris in every town hall. Heaven forbid this should come to pass say I.

Another wonderful use of the English language by a Radio Five Live reporter found us being informed that a “massive, great warship” will be seen on the Thames as part of our defences during the Olympics and we will be able to see “helicopters flying in the air” from it.

We would have been much better off holding the Games at various airports throughout the country – then we would have had no trouble letting anyone in and it wouldn’t be necessary to place guns on the top of some flat in London.

Neither does there appear to a border problem at Dover according to what I have seen on the TV. ‘Johnnie foreigner’ seems to have no troubling entering the country by lorry and van and manages to bring all of his pals with him. True many of them are sent back (at our cost) but only as far as France where the authorities make them so welcome that they get on the next lorry back to England!

Last week I informed you that the spaniel was playing up during her walks. I purchased one of those leads that extend so that the dog gets exercise but there’s no problem getting them back. It’s true that the dog comes back, but the only trouble is that she gets the lead tangled around lamp posts, trees and other people’s dogs as well as my legs. So it’s back to the frankfurters I think.