It isn’t fairies hiding at the bottom of my garden – it’s the dog!

OVER the past four years or so I have seen the inside of doctor’s surgeries more times than I would have wished.

Saturday, 14th July 2012, 6:19 am

I am lucky that my doctor is a helpful and pleasant chap and the same goes for the surgery nurses and other staff. I was pleased to see a brand new 100 hours per week dispensary being constructed on the surgery site but not pleased when I learned the surgery would close for lunch for one hour each working day.

I guess that I am being cynical (yet again) when I state that there does seem to be a large amount of money to be made by dispensing medical items, so maybe the surgery is cutting back the staff working hours in one area to allow for the dispensary to remain open at lunch times.

> I haven’t spent much time in my garden this summer, so I was surprised by something I found when I ventured out among the trees last week. The garden was planned to be a safe haven for the birds, bugs and bees but I didn’t expect to learn the spaniel has made herself quite as home out there as it appears she has.

I called Gemma in for her evening meal and was surprised that she didn’t appear at the speed of light the way she usually does. I called out as I ventured into the garden and became quite concerned when she did not show up. I went to check on the garden gate fearing the worst but it was securely shut. I peered into the undergrowth and caught sight of a pair of eyes watching me from beneath the Acer tree.

On closer examination it became clear that my dog has made a camp under the trees. I found one coil of garden wire, the mat I use to kneel on when planting out, three plastic plant pots (well chewed), plastic labels, tulip bulbs and a piece of plastic full of rain water stashed away along with a ball and a few toys.

We had a bit of a conversation about some of the objects but I have agreed that she can keep her hideaway provided she doesn’t start hoarding food or bringing friends into the garden. I’m not having late night parties out there!