New tiger in quarantine at Whipsnade Zoo

A new rare Siberian tiger is in quarantine at Whipsnade Zoo and is almost ready to be seen by the public.

The male tiger, called Botzman, is from Russia and has to go through a standard period of isolation before joining its female companion at the Tiger Falls enclosure.

Whipsnade Zoo expects to be able to issue pictures after Botzman completes his quarantine but at the moment a double mesh on his part of the enclosure makes it difficult to take photos and for visitors to get a good look.

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Siberian tigers, also called Amur tigers, are seriously endangered in the wild with as few as 150-200 left in the Russian far east.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), of which Whipsnade is part, is an international conservation charity involved in Amur tiger conservation in the Russian Far East since 1995. ZSL’s Amur tiger project is focused on population monitoring, anti-poaching efforts, and increasing education and awareness.