NEW HOMES PLANS: MP David Gauke challenged to speak up for his voters in South West Hertfordshire

MP David Gauke has been told to speak up for his constituents over plans to build thousands of new homes.

Friday, 15th December 2017, 4:17 pm
Updated Friday, 15th December 2017, 5:20 pm
South West Herts MP David Gauke meets Margaret Thatcher. Archive picture, April 2013 ENGPNL00320130904105534

Proposals currently being considered by Dacorum Borough Council could see up to 2,850 new homes being built in Berkhamsted, including 2,250 on green belt land.

And elsewhere in Mr Gauke’s constituency, up to 3,167 new homes could be built in Tring, of which 2,667 could be on green belt land.

The South West Hertfordshire MP is believed to have not spoken publicly about the development.

Antony Harbidge, chairman of Berkhamsted Residents’ Action Group (BRAG), said: “Mr Gauke spoke out about housing plans in 2012, when it was fewer homes, and only affected Berkhamsted.

“I have written to him and so have many other residents. All he really says is to make sure I take part in the council’s consultation

“It seems like Mr Gauke cares more about keeping his cabinet job than looking out for his constituents.”

Mr Gauke is a Conservative cabinet minister, and the proposals have been tabled by the Conservative-controlled 
Dacorum Borough Council.

Overall the Dacorum Local Plan could see 25,300 new homes built across Dacorum.

Mr Gauke told the Gazette: “As a country, we face a difficult challenge to both protect the current character of our communities whilst also giving younger generations the opportunity to get on the housing ladder by building more homes.

“There are legitimate 
concerns about the local plan. In particular, we need to 
ensure that the local 
infrastructure will cope with additional numbers. This 
is a point I have raised with the borough council.

“I think most people 
recognise that we will 
continue to need to build more homes in the area but people rightly want to be reassured that new developments will 
be sustainable.”