New home for the pets dumped in store toilet

Here are the family of guinea pigs that were dumped in Debenhams by their former owner – and they are making a new life for themselves.

They were discovered by cleaning staff in the ladies toilets of the Hemel Hempstead store on Tuesday last week.

They had been left there in a wet box, where one of them had given birth to stillborn twins.

Their mother later died from the stress of her plight, but an adult male and female guinea pig and their three babies survived the ordeal.

They are now in the safe hands of guinea pig sanctuary owner Kate Wright, 33, who said they are really ‘friendly’ and ‘sweet’.

She said: “They are healthy and they are coming out of their shells a bit more, because at first they were a bit hungry and stressed. They will make lovely pets.”

RSPCA worker Kate runs a sanctuary for unwanted guinea pigs from her home in Dunstable. She now has 29 of the little creatures living with her.

If you are interested in re-homing a guinea pig for a cost of £15, phone her on 07734 329485.