Lucy continues penny power

A big-hearted schoolgirl has vowed to carry on with her fundraising efforts in her dad's memory, after he died from cancer last month.

Monday, 7th March 2016, 5:00 am
Lucy Collins (9) and dad Nik - Lucy has saved pennies in a giant Coke bottle to give to the Florence Nightingale Hospice. PNL-151120-201909009

Gazette readers took Lucy 
Collins to their hearts after she began collecting one penny pieces last year in aid of Florence Nightingale Hospice.

The hospice had been 
caring for her father Nik 
after his diagnosis last year, and while Nik passed away on Sunday, March 28, young Lucy has pledged to keep on penny-pinching.

Mum Emma said: “I’m so proud of all my girls, and 
Lucy is going to keep on with her campaign.

“Our youngest, Nicole, has been really good too. And our eldest daughter, Zoe, is now planning on doing the Midnight Walk because she’s been so impressed by 
Florence Nightingale and all that they do.”

Lucy first hit the headlines in November and has 
collected hundreds of pounds-worth of pennies with her 

The family live in 
Aylesbury, but Nik worked for Tring firm JR Smith until 2013.

Speaking last year, Lucy told the Gazette: “I went to the hospice with my dad and the staff told me that they were raising money so I wanted to help.

“It’s been good fun, I’ve enjoyed putting the coins into the bottle and asking people for their pennies.

“I’ve been selling pencils for a pound and rubber ducks for £1.50. My school and my friends have all been really generous and helpful.”

> If you would like to 
contribute to Lucy Collins’ ongoing penny collection, contact Florence Nightingale Hospice on 01296 429975.