Little Cameron is wishing on a star for the safe return of Nellie the elephant

A little boy’s search for his favourite toy has gone digital as social media users rally to reunite the pair before Christmas.
Cameron Godfrey Saunt with his beloved NellieCameron Godfrey Saunt with his beloved Nellie
Cameron Godfrey Saunt with his beloved Nellie

Cameron Godfrey Saunt, who is just three years old, is desperately seeking his best cuddly pal, Nellie, after losing him during a trip out in Dacorum with his grandma.

The plush pachyderm packed his trunk and went walkabout during the day out from Derby, where Cameron usually lives with his mum Samantha Saunt.

Cameron and his nan had popped to Waitrose in Berkhamsted after visiting Tring’s Natural History Museum, and it was at the supermarket little Cameron noticed Nellie was missing.

Samantha said: “They left the museum and when they got to the Waitrose doors my little boy realised he had lost his elephant comforter toy.

“It’s a little white elephant holding a blanket with little grey eyes and a worn-out White Company tag.

“He has had it since he was born and it goes everywhere with him, we have never lost it before because I’m always so careful. He is really upset and wants me to find it.”

Samantha has since driven back down to the area from her Midlands home to put up notices, and has shared Cameron’s plight on Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign to #FindNellie has been picked up by the Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring group Mums In The Know, and their appeal has received many responses – though AWOL Nellie has still not been traced.

Samantha added: “I know it’s crazy looking for a lost elephant toy just want to make my little one smile.

“I am just wondering if anything has been handed in anywhere, or if someone has picked him up.

“It’s been over a week since he was lost and my little boy is upset every night and is still wishing on a star for his Nellie to be found.”

Have you seen Nellie? Get in touch with Samantha through the Mums In The Know Facebook page or use the hashtag #FindNellie on Twitter.

Alternatively, email us at [email protected]