Learn how to ‘chat cat’ at workshop dedicated to understanding feline behaviour

Animal lovers can learn how to ‘chat cat’ during a workshop that will teach pet owners how to better understand their feline companion.

Monday, 30th March 2015, 9:00 am
Dog trainer Hanne Grice is running a workshop so that people can better understand their cats.

Dog behaviour specialist Hanne Grice has teamed up with a veterinarian Anne-Marie Svendsen Aylott, who breeds Somali cats, to put on the half-day session.

Hanne said: “Cats like dogs will communicate in a number of ways - vocalisations is one of the ways, body language - everything from facial expressions and what their body position is.

“Cats are pretty complex in terms of how thy communicate. This workshop is to give cat owners or people that work with cats an overview. It also gives an overview of how and why they cat came about.”

The workshop, on Sunday April 19 at the Nora Grace Hall in Faversham Close, Tring, from 10.30am to 1.30pm, is part of a series of events aimed at pet owners and pet professionals.

Hanne said: “While there are various events across the region for dog owners, there’s very little out there for cat lovers. That’s why I’ve created this workshop with Anne-Marie.

“It’s a unique opportunity for pet owners to gain a deeper understanding of what it means when a cat exhibits certain behaviours - and how we can create a much happier kitty.”

The session will also explore common cat problems - including spaying in the house, fighting with neighbouring cats and introducing a new cat to a household that already has pets.

Vet and cat specialist Anne-Marie Svendsen Aylott.

Tickets cost £12 and attendees will have the chance to see a combination of footage and stills, as well as live cat interactions.

To book contact Hanne on 07976 743031, 01442 768894 or visit www.doglistener.tv/events