Home Secretary gives green light to Herts crime commissioner’s bluelight idea

Home Secretary Theresa May has praised Hertfordshire’s police and crime commissioner for his work to support bluelight services in the county.
Police and Crime Commissioner for Herts David LloydPolice and Crime Commissioner for Herts David Lloyd
Police and Crime Commissioner for Herts David Lloyd

At the annual general meeting of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners on Tuesday, the government’s Theresa May said the PCC scheme was providing accountable local leadership, engaging with communities, driving forward change and contributing positively to debate on national policy.

Ms May also recognised Herts’ David Lloyd’s work in setting up a national group of leaders from all emergency services, dedicated to strategic leadership and collaboration, set up in September.

She said: “Many of you are pursuing collaboration between forces and with other emergency services to deliver more effective services and better value for money for the taxpayer. I am grateful to David Lloyd the commissioner in Hertfordshire for leading the cross Emergency Services Collaboration Working Group for taking this agenda forward.”

Mr Lloyd said: “I’m glad the Home Secretary highlighted the work of this group as a means by which we can improve the service to the public while also meeting the financial challenges we face.

“The working group has been set up to provide the necessary leadership and support to help collaboration projects happen more efficiently and with fewer obstacles in their way.

“The funding from three government departments and the recognition today from the Home Secretary shows how important the work of this group is.”