Hemel MP Sir Mike Penning set to support government’s Brexit vote tonight

Mike Penning PNL-160601-152614001Mike Penning PNL-160601-152614001
Mike Penning PNL-160601-152614001
Conservative MP Sir Mike Penning is set to support the government’s Brexit vote this evening.

The member for Hemel Hempstead made his name as a Eurosceptic, although he admitted the proposed arrangement was not perfect.

“I welcome the fact that the Prime Minister has strengthened the withdrawal agreement and secured legal assurances on the backstop. Whilst these assurances may not be perfect, they are significantly better than what was offered before.

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“However, this is a political decision as much as a legal one and I recognise that it is now in the best interests of the country that we get the Withdrawal Agreement through. This will give us an orderly Brexit and we can move onto the negotiations about our long-term relationship with the EU and trade deals with countries around the world.

“This Withdrawal Agreement means we will leave the EU on March 29 and I encourage all MPs to support this deal.”