Happy birthday, Golfield!

An infant school is celebrating its 50th birthday.

Friday, 3rd July 2015, 10:00 am
Goldfield pupils giving their school the thumbs up

We used to belong to the ‘Tufty Club’ to help keep us safe crossing the road

We used to visit the ‘orange spot library’

There was always a medical bed in the office with the secretary for sick children

Pupils gather for the tea party on the school field, where seven new trees were planted

There was a metal climbing frame on the playground

We attended recorder club with Mrs Blake

We remember seeing the dinner ladies having their dinner when we had finished

We drank warm milk from glass bottles

The flag designed by pupils was raised on the pole outside reception

Support staff Anna Barr, 46, and Mandy Doman, 47, are Golfield alumni and recall their school day memories: “All of the dinner ladies wore pink overalls and we remember seeing them having their dinner when we had finished ours.

“When it was your birthday you used to go to visit the Headteacher and she would give you a little brown envelope with the number of Smarties in it to match your age.

“There were many more buttercups on the field in those days – that’s why the buttercup was added to the school sweatshirt – and that’s we used to love picking them.

Some of the documents being exhibited in the school hall