Get Fit In Five, thanks to gym experts

The chest press is a must for anyone trainingThe chest press is a must for anyone training
The chest press is a must for anyone training
Fitness professionals from The Gym Hemel Hempstead took part in a national poll of UK personal trainers to identify the top five most effective exercises ever.

Staff at the gym and their colleagues at other branches of The Gym Group across the UK have agreed on the top five exercises to create the ultimate ‘Fit In Five’ workout – squat, deadlift, lunge, press-up and chest press.

And to celebrate Fit In Five Weekend, non-members can claim a free one-day pass to any gym in The Gym Group this Saturday and Sunday.

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General manager Melissa Treharne said: “This essential combination of the most effective exercises provides a winning formula, especially for those who want to escape a workout rut, break through a plateau or simply want a results-based workout that’s fun, safe and enjoyable.”

Allyn Condon, double Olympian and general manager at The Gym Bristol, said: “The squat is one of the most all-round body exercises. Forget the cardio if you are looking to burn fat, and get squatting.

“The deadlift is another great exercise for burning up body fat and improving overall strength and conditioning.

“The favourite of all of my exercises, the lunge offers great functional movement and can be completed in multiple directions to hit those hard-to-target muscles.

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“Press-ups are great for maximising chest development and an excellent way to rid of the bingo wings.

“The chest press is a must for anyone training, whether beginner or advanced.”

To claim your free day pass on Saturday or Sunday, see