Fresh from Star Wars set - Dacorum pub owners' top tips on how to make your pet a film star

Fresh from the film set of Star Wars '“ a local pub owner who trains animals for movies is passing on the tricks of her trade in two new books.

Friday, 29th December 2017, 2:55 pm
Updated Friday, 29th December 2017, 3:59 pm
Jules Tottman penned her two books earlier this year after one of her busiest years yet training animals on movie sets. Shes also a joint owner of the Queens Head pub in Long Marston, where the books are on sale

Jules Tottman, from Long Marston, combines owning the Queen’s Head with running the rule over talented animal actors.

In her career behind the screens, she’s helped train several famous Harry Potter film animals – including Fang, Crookshanks and Mrs Norris.

And she’s just finished some work on the as-yet-unreleased third and final Star Wars film.

“I started off on 101 Dalmations,” Jules tells the Gazette.

“I took a couple of dogs along and met a man called Gary Gero, who was an animal trainer from the USA.

“I now run his company branch over here, Birds and Animals UK.”

Along the way she’s not just worked with the animals, but actors as well, including Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp and Madonna.

And after being asked by publishers to pen some top tips for aspiring animal trainers, her two books, ‘Superstar Cats’ and ‘Superstar Dogs’ are now on sale.

The 47-year-old said: “My favourite films have been 101 and 102 Dalmations, as working with all those puppies was just fantastic.

“I also had great fun working with the squirrels that were in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“I wrote the books earlier this year, it’s so exciting.”

The books can be purchased for £7.50 at the Queen’s Head in Long Marston, or on Amazon or at Waterstones.