Four bundles of fun looking for a home in Hemel area

Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted Cats Protection has four adorable black and white kittens in need of rehoming.

Rikki, Lucy, Marcus and Lydia are beautiful kittens in all their glory - full of energy and love to give.They are now 18 weeks old and will be homed in pairs – Rikki with Lucy and Marcus with Lydia – as this is how they have bonded. They are very playful, full of fun and they love being in people’s company. They are now looking for their forever homes where they can be part of a family and get all that love and all those cuddles. You will need to be happy to play and play. We feel they would be happier in a family home with children aged 12 or older, as they are quite shy kittens. If you are ready for having lots of fun and love in your home, give Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted Cats Protection a ring today on 0345 371 1851 or visit

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