FARMING MATTERS: Farm survey suggests majority of farmers back Brexit

With the EU referendum edging ever closer, whether to leave or remain is a hot topic.

Saturday, 14th May 2016, 7:00 am
A UK farmer bringing in the harvest

A survey carried out by Farmers Weekly, the industry’s leading publication, indicated that 58% of farmers back leaving the EU, with just 31% wanting the UK to remain.

The survey was conducted over 10 days and included farmers from all regions of the country. With the exception of Wales, every single region had more than 50% of farmers wanting to leave the EU.

When asked for their reasons, the farming related issues affecting their choice overwhelming pointed to EU regulation and policies.

Just like the population as a whole, farmers are increasingly talking about the referendum whenever they get together.

Older farmers recall life before the EU when farmers in this country were allocated grants for specific projects rather than receiving the EU CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).

Critics of CAP point out that there is nothing ‘in common’ between a grape farmer in the Loire Valley and a sheep farmer on the hills of Scotland and that the better way would be to let each individual nation handle agricultural support in the way which best suits their own topography, geography and climate.