Fake lottery letter scam sparks police warning

Crooks are swindling thousands of pounds out of victims by claiming they have won a million-pound prize before demanding a huge ‘processing fee’.

Tuesday, 8th December 2015, 3:02 pm

The official-looking letters, headed Euromillions FIFA World Cup Super-Lottery, are sent out from an organisation claiming to have headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and an office in London.

One of these letters was recently posted to a Berkhamsted resident, who was luckily wise to the scam, and they informed the local police team.

Some victims have been stung for tens of thousands of pounds in the scam.

The fake lottery letter being sent to out to unsuspecting homes

Now Trading Standards have issued a countrywide alert after one couple in their 70s were cheated out of their savings.

One couple in their 70s from Hertfordshire were told they had won £725,000 and were asked to pay a £7,250 fee plus £2,000 for a solicitor to transfer the cash.

Roy Wilsher, of Hertfordshire Trading Standards, said: “You cannot win a prize in a lottery that you have not entered and genuine lottery operators will not ask you to send them money before releasing winnings.

“We would urge anyone receiving one of these letters to simply bin it.”

A Trading Standards spokesman said: “The address in London is a genuine address where a large number of financial firms have offices.

“However, this organisation isn’t based there, they’re just using someone else’s address to make the letter look legitimate.”

If you have received a similar letter or been subjected to any type of scam then please contact your local police.