Faith News: Including busy time for Christian debt help charity and news from St John’s

Owen Cooper, manager of Hemel Hempsteads Christians Against PovertyOwen Cooper, manager of Hemel Hempsteads Christians Against Poverty
Owen Cooper, manager of Hemel Hempsteads Christians Against Poverty
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D-day is looming for debt crisis as charity predicts more calls for help than ever before

The number of calls to a debt charity are expected to peak in the coming weeks with advisors anticipating more cries for help than ever before.

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Hemel Hempstead-based Christians Against Poverty says that the post-Christmas rush to get finances sorted has begun and the good cause will see a boom in calls on Monday, February 9 as creditors call in debts.

Hemel Hempstead centre manager Owen Cooper said: “Every week, the busiest day for debt help calls is a Monday, when people have had time over the weekend to resolve to seek help.

“We see a rise in calls during January and February because most people can’t face tackling their finances before Christmas.

“When these two elements come together, we see our busiest time. As our reach extends to more areas, with more debt coaches, we are set to see more people booked in than ever before.”

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Already in the first week of 2015, the good cause received 479 calls for debt help and the Hemel Hempstead centre, based at the New Horizons Christian Fellowship Church, is booked up until the beginning of February.

Mr Cooper said: “Four in ten people believe that no-one can help them with their debts, according to some research we’ve done. It can feel like you’ve hit a brick wall but we see ‘impossible’ situations where people get their debts cleared. There are people to help and it can get sorted, however complicated or dire it seems.”

When someone contacts Christians Against Poverty they are booked in for a home visit from a debt coach who spends time learning about what has happened and shows a way forward out of debt.

The person’s outstanding bills and letters from creditors are sent to the charity’s head office in Bradford, which negotiates with each creditor on behalf of the client and then draws up a budget so that the person in need can begin to repay what is owed.

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Mr Cooper said: “Anyone having sleepless nights, unable to afford the basics or worried about meeting their rent or mortgage should call us, or one of the other good free debt agencies, and see how we can help.”

For help and advice call 0800 328 0006 or visit

News from St John’s, Boxmoor

A murder mystery evening with supper raised £250 for the church fund.

The Reverend Lizzie Hood was commissioned as new rural dean during a service of Holy Communion at Holy Trinity, Leverstock Green. St John’s vicar Mike Macey was also commissioned as assistant rural dean. The service was taken by the archdeacon Jonathan Smith.

A pancake party with fun and games for under 11s is planned to take place at St John’s hall at 4pm on February 17 in preparation for Lent.

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A quiz night will be held in the church hall on Saturday February 28 for teams of eight. Tickets are £8.50 per person and include supper. Available from Alan Munford on 01442 242543.

Christian Viewpoint

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