Disabled dad can now take his new baby out

A disabled dad can now take his new baby out in her buggy, thanks to help from an Abbots Langley charity.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 8:59 am
Updated Friday, 5th August 2016, 11:00 am
Richard and Michelle Casey with Isabel and the new buggy

Richard Casey and his wife Michelle welcomed their first baby, Isabel, into the world this spring.

Richard uses a wheelchair to get around, but he and Michelle were keen for him to be as independent as possible with their new daughter.

But they worried that Richard wouldn’t be able to push a buggy if his hands were occupied propelling his own wheelchair.

The couple, who live in Kent found out about DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability through Richard’s uncle, Alan Alexander, who lives in Abbots Langley and has been a DEMAND supporter for nearly 10 years.

Thanks to DEMAND’s design expertise and a £1,500 donation from the Freemasons of West Kent, Richard can now take Isabel out and about in her specially adapted buggy.

Designing Isabel’s buggy posed a challenge for DEMAND’s design engineers.

They couldn’t just attach a standard buggy to the front of Richard’s wheelchair to make it ’hands free’, as chair and buggy together would have been nearly 2m in length, making it impossible to get into and around shops.

Design engineer Ehsan Abedi said: “We decided to modify a buggy from the high street and make it more compact. It clips to Richard’s chair with custom-made fixings and we designed a handle that folds up so Richard’s wife can push the buggy too.”