Teen caught riding e-scooter illegally in Marlowes Shopping Centre

Police are laying down the law about electric scooters in Hemel Hempstead after stopping a number of youngsters riding them illegally.

By Stewart Carr
Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 7:13 pm
Officers stopped a teen riding an e-scooter inside the Marlowes Shopping Centre
Officers stopped a teen riding an e-scooter inside the Marlowes Shopping Centre

Earlier this month, police seized an e-scooter after its rider – a teenager – ignored officers’ verbal warnings about using it in the Marlowes.

The officers later followed up with West Herts College to share key messages and posters explaining the law to students.

Dacorum Neighbourhood Inspector Jeff Scott said: “With trials of rented e-scooters taking place around the country, some people are purchasing their own in the mistaken belief they can legally use them on public paths and roads.

"This is not the case and we are finding that otherwise law-abiding citizens are inadvertently breaking the law in this way.

“Now that the Easter holidays are here, we want to ensure that children and parents understand the danger these machines pose to both the rider and pedestrians. Often, riders don’t wear a safety helmet and some of these e-scooters reach speeds of up to 40mph, so it’s not hard to imagine what the result could be in the event of a collision.

“Our focus is engaging with members of the public to make them aware of the law regarding e-scooters. I would encourage parents to please ensure their children are following the guidelines correctly."

E-scooters have increased in popularity in recent years but are currently only legal to ride on private land with the landowner’s permission - or as part of a government trial.

Riding an e-scooter in public when it is not part of an authorised trial is against the law and can result in penalty points, a fine and seizure of the vehicle.

Insp Scott added: “My local teams are engaging with retailers that sell these machines, and they have advised us that they inform any purchasers that they cannot be used on a public road.

“Again, I ask that people do not ride these machines in public places and instead comply with the law for their own safety and the safety of others. We do not want an innocent person being seriously injured or worse.”

For more information on using publicly owned e-scooters please read the Government legislation. Guidance on rented e-scooters used as part of a government trial is available here.

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