Fly-tipping crackdown in Hertfordshire funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner

"I believe it is not right that businesses who are the victim of fly-tipping are liable to pick up the considerable costs involved"

By Laura Hutchinson
Tuesday, 29th March 2022, 11:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th March 2022, 11:42 am

A crackdown on fly-tipping funded by the police and crime commissioner has seen landowners across the county able to clear up dumped rubbish for free.

And the PCC's Fly Tipping Fund has also helped provide match-funding to help tackle the problem, including high visibility signs and the installation of new security gates.

More than 10 fly tips have been removed in the past year, with around £6,000 of funding paying for the cleanups on farmland and private roads in urban areas.

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Dumped rubbish

Rubbish removed included white goods, household waste, garden waste and demolition materials.

And the landowners have been offered a Crime Prevention Assessment by a member of the Constabulary Rural Support Team - which have resulted led to the implementation of 'target hardening' methods to discourage tippers, using around £4,000 additional cash from the fund.

The council or police investigate dumped waste for clues to track down those responsible - and anyone traced faces criminal charges and fines.

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: “Fly-tipping is one of the crimes I hear most from the public. It blights our communities and causes substantial cost to innocent people, poses a danger to road users, livestock, and wildlife.

A gate to help prevent fly-tipping

“The fund was set up as I believe it is not right that businesses who are the victim of fly-tipping are liable to pick up the considerable costs involved. Furthermore, I have been more than willing to contribute to target hardening measures identified by the Constabulary Rural Support Team to stop future tips happening.”

Private landowners are also eligible for the funding and will have to prove they already have a waste disposal contract in place with an authorised collection firm.

The scheme is part of the county wide multi-agency and multi-channel campaign being run by the Herts Fly Tipping Group.

Anyone interested in making a claim or finding out more information can contact their district or borough council and mention the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Fly Tipping