Cold caller questionnaires about Dacorum life leave residents hanging

Cold callers are targeting people across DacorumCold callers are targeting people across Dacorum
Cold callers are targeting people across Dacorum
Cold callers have been asking people 'silly questions' about whether they are satisfied with life in Dacorum '“ without asking for examples.

Numbers are randomly generated and the 10 minute surveys are being completed anonymously by people who answer the phone.

But a woman who formerly volunteered at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau was surprised to be asked, by someone in Wales, such “general” questions.

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“I don’t think it achieves anything,” said Sylvie Prouse, 60, who lives in Berkhamsted.

“They asked me silly questions and it was a complete waste of my time.

“I was asked if I was proud of where I lived. When I said no, he stopped me when I started explaining.”

“You don’t have time to think – a written questionnaire would be much better. This seems a total waste of money to me.”

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Mrs Prouse said questions also covered ‘whether the council offered value for money’ and she was asked to answer with “satisfied, very satisfied, not satisfied or very unsatisfied.”

A council spokesman said: “We believe it is important to consult with our residents so we can understand what people think and feel about the council and its services.

“The survey questions are based on our core priorities and the responses help us deliver high quality and cost effective services.”

Opinion Research Services is commissioned by Dacorum Borough Council to conduct telephone surveys.

He added that there is no record of people’s numbers and responses cannot be matched back to any individual.

Have you received one of these calls? Email [email protected]