Celebrating glorious taste of real butter

Butter prices are set to rise this yearButter prices are set to rise this year
Butter prices are set to rise this year
The price of butter is set to rise apparently, due to a number of factors: a reduction in the number of dairy farmers in the UK, the increase in popularity of home baking, and more people returning to natural products and away from margarines.

The price rise is hardly surprising bearing in mind the number of dairy farmers who have gone out of business in the last decade due to the continually falling price they receive for milk. Just look around you, do you see many dairy cows out in the fields?

This was once regarded as a dairy farming area, but every year we hear of more and more dairy farmers who are going out of cows.

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Coming at a time when lots of people are enjoying a renewed love affair with home baking and the glorious taste of butter over vegetable spreads, it’s a sad state of affairs.

A spokesperson from the Arla dairy company said a plunge in production by dairy farmers could translate to a butter shortage by Christmas.

He said farmers had hit the brakes last year, with many quitting the industry after prices slumped, after a drop in milk prices in the wake of a Russian ban on EU imports and amidst heavy competition among supermarkets trying to fight off the rise of discount stores.

Peder Tuborgh said: “At Christmas time there will simply not, in Europe, be enough butter and cream around. We know that as an industry. I know that from our forecasting. The price of butter will rise very sharply and there is more to come. At the moment we are trying to get as much butter and cream out of our producers as we can.”

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I threw out margarine several years go and have used only butter in sandwiches, on toast, in baking and cooking for a long time. It tastes so much nicer and is more filling too.

I don’t buy fat free or low fat products, because most of the calories taken out due to fat are replaced with artificial sweeteners which are so addictive so that you end up eating more which rather defeats the object.

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