Call for ‘arrogant’ motorists to stop parking on pavements

A pensioner is backing a Guide Dog campaign to stop motorists from parking on pavements which forces vulnerable people into the road.

Thursday, 9th April 2015, 3:11 pm
A guide dog helping his owner across the road.

Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Brian Worrell, who used to volunteer to walk puppies for the charity, is concerned about his partially sighted neighbours.

He said: “Pavements are for pedestrians, roads are for cars.

“Why are cars parking on pavements, which are provided for us to keep us safe?

“I don’t mind, in this crowded world of ours, some sensible parking on pavements but there should be enough room to get a pram through.

“It is when they take up the whole pavement that I object because it just shows a lack of awareness and often arrogance.”

Widower Brian, who lives in Ridge Lea, Chaulden, says one of his elderly neighbours, who uses a white cane to help her get about, often has to venture into the road to get around cars and vans.

“One of these days I think she is liable to have an accident,” said the 77 year old.

Guide Dogs is calling on politicians to back a new national law that will completely ban the practice of parking on pavements.

Real life video footage released by the good cause highlights the harm caused by vehicles parked on pavements. Filmed from a guide dog’s view it shows the impact irresponsible parking has on people living with sight loss.

Brian said: “I think they don’t think about it. They almost regard any space as their right to put their vehicle on.

“There needs to be more education of drivers who do it and I suspected one way of doing that is by using the PCSOs that we have in our community to put official stickers on cars or have a word with the car owner.”

Research by YouGov has shown that 74 per cent of people are affected by vehicles parked on the pavement. Those living with sight loss, older people or parents with buggies are at greater risk.

In a Guide Dogs survey, 91 per cent of respondents suffering from sight loss said parked cars on the pavement regularly obstruct them.