Brave PD Finn is back on the beat

A police dog who underwent life-saving surgery when he was stabbed in the line of duty is poised to return to work.

Monday, 19th December 2016, 11:08 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:10 pm
Police Dog Finn & PC Dave Wardell

Police Dog Finn was stabbed in the head and chest while responding to reports of a robbery on October 4 alongside his handler PC Dave Wardell.

Yet he is now preparing for his return after passing a series of gruelling physical and mental assessments to comply with national police dog licence requirements.

PC Wardell, from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit, said: “To give his body a chance to recover Finn was initially not allowed to exercise at all, which was very frustrating for him as he is used to being an active police dog.

“Finn has made a remarkable recovery and four weeks ago the vets overseeing his care gave the green light to begin building his fitness by increasing the amount of exercise he gets each day.

“Even when he was physically incapacitated, I did work with Finn to keep his nose stimulated and working which helped to keep his mind active as he recovered.”

PC Wardell, who also sustained an injury during the incident, added: “Finn’s swift recovery is testament to his fighting spirit and I am delighted to be returning to duty with him by my side.

“The fact he can return to duty and be part of the team is amazing and once again I thank everyone for their kind words and generous support. Finn has certainly enjoyed the extra attention.”

Hertfordshire Chief Constable Charlie Hall said: “Every day front line staff and police dogs put themselves in harm’s way to protect the public and not every incident we attend has such a positive ending at this.

“I am delighted that both PC Wardell and PD Finn have made such a great recovery and extend my sincere thanks to all those who have been involved in this process.”