Berko's Charlie is psychic's sidekick

Big Brother star Charlie Travers is putting the '˜chic' into '˜psychic' with her new role on a hit American TV show.

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 11:02 am
Updated Thursday, 31st March 2016, 11:11 am
Charlie Travers, right, with Tyler Henry PNL-160329-142620001

Berkhamsted girl Charlie first found fame on season 14 of Big Brother, when she went into the famous house with her mum and fellow Berkhamsted resident Jackie.

But unlike most contestants on the reality show she has gone on to even greater success, alongside psychic prodigy Tyler Henry in the show Hollywood Medium.

Charlie told the Gazette: “It’s crazy – I’m just a little Berkhamsted girl, I used to be in a band, then I went on Big Brother and I decided to go to the USA to follow my dreams.

“I’m best friends with and assistant to Tyler Henry, who is a 20-year-old from California. He has had this sense since he was six years old, and he’s been following it ever since.”

At age 29 Charlie’s career has included time as a singer-songwriter, before training as a television presenter and upping sticks Stateside to find success following Big Brother.

Hollywood Medium has already had its first series shown on the channel E! on both sides of the Atlantic, with a second series now in production.

Charlie and Tyler have met the likes of the Kardashians, Mark Whalberg and Ellen Degeneres.

She added: “Tyler doesn’t get told who we are going to see before we visit them, as that can affect him.

“But that does mean we have situations like when we arrived at the Kardashians’ house and we were both wide-eyed and starstruck.

“I’m Tyler’s best friend, his assistant, and I drive him everywhere because the nature of the business mean that a lot of business comes through as we’re driving and it would be dangerous for him to drive whilst he’s in contact with the other side.

“I’m living this mad life in LA, but I still love to come back home to Berkhamsted, it’s still my home town.”