Berkhamsted's search for the blind and deaf, rescue cat

Missing cat MontyMissing cat Monty
Missing cat Monty
A much-loved rescue cat who is deaf, blind in one eye and has a permanent head tilt has gone missing,sparking a town-wide moggie hunt.

Monty, owned by the Cruickshanks family, disappeared over the August bank holiday from their home in Long View.

The cat was taken in by the family after they spotted 
him at an RSPCA rescue centre, and he is so well-loved they even got another rescue 
pet – Portia – to keep him 

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Ian Cruickshanks said: “Monty loves company and he loves food, so he rarely stays away from home for more than a couple of hours. So his failure to come home immediately felt strange.

“We have tried everything we can think of to locate him.

“We started with knocking on the doors of neighbours, asking them to check their garages and sheds.

“Flyers have gone through doors. Posters are up in nearby streets, shops and vets’ surgeries.”

Ian added: “Sadly, Monty has still not reappeared. Since Portia joined us the two of them quickly became inseparable, and it is heartbreaking to hear her coming in each day calling out for him.

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“Despite being very sad at Monty’s continuing absence, we have been amazed at the positive community spirit that we have felt in response to our efforts to find him.

“Complete strangers have taken the time to offer advice on relocating missing felines, have driven around looking for him, have been filming lookalikes and sending us the videos.

“It turns out it’s not just us missing him – most of Berko’s missing Monty too.”

If you’ve seen Monty email [email protected]

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