Behold - the seven-foot tall motorised dragon cake from Hemel Hempstead!

Hannah Edwards Dragon cakeHannah Edwards Dragon cake
Hannah Edwards Dragon cake
A seven-foot-tall robotic dragon, with motorized wings, a rotating head, and smoke breathing out of its nostrils.

Oh, and it was delicious, too!

It could only be a creation by Hemel cake maker Hannah Edwards, who led a team of more than 70 artists to create a scrapyard dragon which went on show at last weekend’s Cake International competition at Birmingham NEC.

The beast was surrounded by over 100 sugar pieces, and had projection-mapped flames roaring up the front.

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Hannah said: “This is the Mecca for people in our industry so we had to do something special.

“We had people from all over building pieces for it, from as far away as Australia, America, and Malta.

“That’s why it was a scrapyard dragon – it was sugar, made to look like all types of metal, made to look like a dragon. It took eight of us to assemble all the parts – but it was worth it.”

Hannah, has run her business as The Cake Illusionist for five years.

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Her dragon was 17 feet long, weighed 100kg, and had 70kg of sugarpaste and modelling chocolate involved.

Around 45,000 people at the competition saw the beast survey his scrapyard home, surrounded by a huge array of mystical clockwork creatures and futuristic florals, joined by a cast of elaborately modelled tinker children.