Bank worker battles sandstorms, jelly belly and swarms of flies on Sahara Desert trek

David Rukin, a bank worker from Hemel Hempstead, trekked more than 100 kilometres in the Sahara Desert in five days to raise money for a charity close to his heart.
David Rukin trekked the Sahara for charityDavid Rukin trekked the Sahara for charity
David Rukin trekked the Sahara for charity

Speaking about the once in a lifetime experience, David said it had its ups and downs.

“The trek had it’s highs, sleeping under the stars and witnessing the magic of the Milky Way, and lows, eating lunch in a sand storm whilst battling a swarm of flies,” he said.

David, of Chaulden House Gardens, managed to raise £4,356 for Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Scotland – as part of a team with 34 of his Lloyds Banking Group colleagues £213,000 was raised altogether.

David added: “We battled jelly belly and the barren desert but everyone made it to the end, including our two emergency camels.”