A taste for the unusual as pub creates a tasty tribute

The Hungry Horse portrait of Tim PeakeThe Hungry Horse portrait of Tim Peake
The Hungry Horse portrait of Tim Peake
Art can take many forms - painting, music, dance to name but a few.

But there probably aren’t many people who have celebrated an act of human endeavour through the medium of a Sunday dinner.

Hemel Hempstead pub the Pommel Horse in Jarman Square has created a portrait of British astronaut Tim Peake made entirely from roast dinner ingredients.

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The creation was built up over 20 hours, and contains 2.5kg of roast potatoes, 500g of carrots, 400g garden peas, 3kg-worth of cauliflower, 46 Yorkshire puddings, 2.5kg of meat and 1 litre of gravy.

That brings the artwork, which features the words ‘Welcome Home Tim’ written in peas, carrots and gravy, to a tasty - if intimidating - 12kg.

Pub general manager Louis Amadis said: “We’re big fans of the traditional roast dinner here at the Pommel Horse, so it was great to hear that it was also one of Tim’s all-time favourite meals. We wanted to commemorate his return to earth with a gastronomical memento to celebrate his achievements.”

The pub will also celebrate by offering free Sunday Roast Burritos to the first 10 guests who say the word ‘Gastronaut’ when ordering their food on Sunday (June 26) between 3-4pm.