A Special opportunity with the police

Hertfordshire Constabulary is looking to recruit more volunteer police officers.
Alex WhittleAlex Whittle
Alex Whittle

Special Constables have full police powers, uniform and protective equipment and work alongside the regular force. It’s a chance to do something rewarding while developing a wide range of skills.

Alex Whittle has been a Special Constable for six years and is currently an Acting Special Sergeant based at Hemel Hempstead Police Station.

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Although Alex has a full-time job as a civil servant, his work shift pattern gives him the flexibility to be involved in variety of duties as a Special.

Alex’s employer also allows him six paid days a year to conduct duties as a Special through the Employer Supported Policing (ESP) scheme.

Alex, who works around 40 hours a month as a Special, said: “I like the skills that being a Special Constable has given me. I am much more confident now than I was before I joined.

“I was the first Special Constable in Herts to complete a response driving course, which means that I can make use of the blue lights and sirens to attend incidents.

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“Joining the Special Constabulary will be the most rewarding decision that you will ever make. All you have to give is 16 or more hours per month and you will be rewarded with a whole new skill set that is maintained by regular training, a peer group that looks out for you and is always on hand to help, and the feeling that you are making a difference in your community.”