teams up with TV baking talent Kim-Joy to create a unique take on a British classic - the mince pie bao bun

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The ‘Mince Bao’ is available now for £6.99 for a pack of four on AmazonFresh from C.Lidgate

Amazon has teamed up with 2018 Great British Bake Off finalist, Kim-Joy, and C.Lidgate, one of London’s oldest butchers and top-class foodie destination, to create the ‘Mince Bao’, a modern take on the perennial Christmas favourite which features traditional sweet mincemeat encased in a bao bun. The limited-edition Christmas treat will be available for customers to buy from today on AmazonFresh for £6.99, for a pack of four.

Typically, traditional bao buns are a type of filled, steamed bun that date back to the 10th century. Today they are commonly found across south-east Asia and have become increasingly popular as a snack or street food around the world. There are many different types of filling including meat and assorted vegetables. Whilst many people will be familiar with the traditional savoury bao bun flavours, these unique sweet mincemeat buns will be sure to create conversation this Christmas.

Ahead of the festive season Kim-Joy created the recipe to bring these two famous foodstuffs together - reflecting the diverse culinary scene in the U.K. The mince pie bao buns – or ‘Mince Baos’ – will give Amazon customers a treat for the taste buds this Christmas, whether they want to try their hand at making their own or buy them through AmazonFresh supplier C.Lidgate on

Great British Bake-Off finalist, Kim-Joy said: “I grew up eating bao buns made by my mum and have loved the challenge of bringing together traditional food from my childhood with a British classic to create the new Mince Baos. The buns are ideal for creating a bit of fun in the kitchen at Christmas - as you can see from my penguin version. Here’s hoping that everyone looks forward to trying something unique and tasty this Christmas!”

“Here at C. Lidgate, we’re always looking to add something different to our Christmas menu,” said Danny Lidgate. “Working with AmazonFresh and Kim-Joy to create the mince pie inspired bao buns was a lot of fun and makes for a unique addition to our normal dessert range. The traditional bao bun pastry mixes with the mincemeat to create a luxuriously rich, sticky texture that is the perfect addition to any festive feast.”

Kim-Joy has created a ‘how-to’ video for anyone wanting to try making them at home and for the more creative bakers, she has also come up with some festive decoration ideas to make them really stand out.

“We take pride in offering our customers fresh, high quality and innovative products like these Mince Baos. By working with one of our local suppliers C.Lidgate and talented baker Kim-Joy we are able to push the realms of innovation even further.” said Louis de Kock, Senior Vendor Manager, AmazonFresh. “We’re sure our foodie customers will be experimenting with the classics when it comes to entertaining family and friends this festive season.”

Find out more and buy the mince pie bao buns from Amazon today at AmazonFresh.

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