Holidays 2021: Berkhamsted travel agent offers advice on international travel

Here's everything you need to know about travel from a Travel Agent

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 9:33 am

A travel agent in Berkhamsted is offering advice on holidays and travelling abroad following the Government's announcement of a traffic light list for international travel.

On Friday, May 7, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced that international travel can begin to safely reopen from Monday, May 17, allowing people to go on foreign holidays to green list countries.

The ‘Stay in the UK’ regulation will lift on May 17, meaning leisure travel from England will no longer be illegal.

Traveltime World in Berkhamsted

But, the Transport Secretary outlined how strict border control measures will remain in place as international travel gradually resumes. Different levels of restriction will be applied to individuals returning to England from countries based on the traffic light system set out by the Global Travel Taskforce.

Following the announcement, Jackie Steadman, owner of Traveltime World on Berkhamsted's High Street, has shared some advice for people who already have holidays booked and those who are hoping to book a holiday abroad this year.

Jackie said: "Don’t panic if the country you are scheduled to travel to is not on the Green List, just be patient as the lists are going to be regularly updated.

"It is highly likely with Covid rates dropping and numbers of vaccinated people are increasing, then more countries will be added.

"Ensure that you meet the financial conditions of the holiday to protect any deposits or payments already made.

"It is not necessary to book just countries currently on the Green List as other countries will be possible to travel to later in the summer.

"Ensure that anything you book is fully and financially protected under the ATOL package scheme and has flexibility for changes or refunds."

Jackie was optimistic that international travel will resume this summer, she said: "Technically international travel starts on the 17th May, however it is currently very limited and with conditions.

"We personally believe that holidays and general travel will slowly re-open in the early weeks of June and increase through the summer months."

When asked about international travel and holidays abroad resuming to normal, she said: "This will depend on how countries worldwide overcome their own Covid issues, although the U.K. is currently leading the way this will be restricted by other countries, in particular third world countries."

Here are five tips for travelling abroad from Traveltime World:

> Fully financially protected package

> Flexible booking conditions

> Have a human contact not just for the booking process but to be there throughout the period for guidance

> Ensure you have travel insurance which covers Covid related conditions

> Budget for the cost of testing.

Jackie added: "The travel list is small ‘baby-steps’ for the re-introduction of international travel, however currently all of the countries on the Green List do not allow UK citizens to enter the country!

"This will obviously change during the coming weeks/months.

"As restrictions ease in the UK, consumer confidence will generally build and therefore the demand for holidays will increase.

"As a net result of this prices will go up especially as countries go onto the Green List."

"I would encourage people to support your local travel agents who have been there for their clients throughout the whole pandemic period without financial reward."