First rule of holidays: get someone else to pack!

Lazy Britons are blaming the stress of holiday preparation for allowing a loved one to do the hard work – with some even leaving it to their mums!

New research into the nation’s packing habits uncovered the astounding facts that 28% of British men let their partners do their packing, but some men even farm it out to their mothers!

Shakila Ahmed of Travelodge, which commissioned the research, says, “We were shocked to find over a quarter of British men dodging their own holiday preparation. It’s packing avoidance at its worst!

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“And we’re not talking about teenagers: 25 to 34 year olds were revealed to be the biggest culprits!”

In the study of 5,000 people, the number one reason for delegating is that they find packing stressful (26%). Not having enough time (21%) is second on the list, followed by partners or family members not trusting their organisational skills (18%).

But packing avoidance doesn’t happen without a fight – 59% of partners and parents getting lumbered with someone else’s chores said that it causes arguments in their house and 20% said it added significant stress to the run up to their break.

However, 25% admitted that their loved one is so unorganised that they find it easier and less stressful just to do it for them.

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Levels of planning vary to extremes with 21% of Britons creating a written schedule of outfits to pack while 19% just throw a selection of clothes into a bag and hope for the best.

The majority of the nation (40%) makes a list of essentials to tick off as they go into the suitcase, while 33% of people lay their clothes and accessories out on the bed in outfits.

On average, Britons spend 2.4 hours planning and packing their bags, with a fair few indulging in up to a whopping 12 hours!

Shakila said: “Our research also found that packing-avoidance is hitting Britons where it hurts the most – the wallet: 92% of those who outsource the task rarely have everything they need, and have to shell out as a result.”

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“Whether they’re heading for Bognor or Barbados, Britons waste an average of £26 a trip replacing things they’ve left behind. That’s nearly £600m a year, thrown away because of poor organisation!

“Sunglasses are most frequently forgotten, followed by swimmers, socks, trainers and a jumper.

“Call us crazy, but in the interest of looking after the pennies, perhaps it’s time British adults give their mums a break from packing their bags!”