Revealed: what UK home owners look for in a property

While we might all dream about owning a mansion by the sea, research has shown that UK home owners are actually searching for something a little more modest when hunting for their dream property.

'Detached', 'garage' and 'bungalow' have been identified as the most popular search terms used by UK house hunters when browsing for homes online.

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The research (compiled by property website Zoopla) also identified  the terms 'cottage', 'acres' and 'rural' as appearing among the 10 most popular search words used across Britain.

The most common searches by location

Searches for sea views proved particularly popular in Wales, the North East of England and the South West of England, where searches for 'period properties' also ranked highly.

Houseboats were among the most sought after properties in London, as were homes with a balcony.

In Scotland, buyers were especially keen to find a home with a large kitchen.

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In Yorkshire and the Humber, both a conservatory and land ranked highly on buyers' priority lists.

The top 10 house hunting keyword searches across Britain

1. Detached2. Garage3. Bungalow4. Parking5. Annex6. Garden7. Freehold8. Cottage9. Acres10. Rural